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Do I Have an Abscess?

In many situations, an abscessed tooth is not difficult to self-diagnose. Your tooth is very sensitive to hot or cold foods, sweets and often, pressure. The area around the tooth is swollen and you may feel outrageous pain. This is the picture of a badly decayed tooth with infected nerves. Regardless of what type of

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Three Problems Associated With Teeth Grinding

It is estimated that around 16 percent of the general population in this country grind their teeth. It is a repetitive, involuntary action that affects children and adults. Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, can lead to a variety of dental problems. The practice can also produce pain ranging from mild to severe. Many people

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Preventing Tooth Loss in Older Adults

All your life you have heard about the importance of keeping your teeth clean for fear of tooth decay. Chances are you have had cavities, and maybe even lost a tooth or two, because of a cavity that got out of hand and became infected. What you may not know is that it is not

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Special Needs Dentistry

When it comes to routine dental care, everyone deserves the opportunity to receive top quality, professional cleanings and examinations. This includes patients with special needs and phobias. From those with a physical, developmental, cognitive or sensory disorder to individuals with an orofacial condition, specialized dental care ensures that their mouth stays healthy and free of

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Chipped Tooth Repair

Given its remarkable strength, a tooth’s outer layer of enamel is the hardest and most mineralized tissue in the body. Yet, there are times when a tooth can chip or break, especially when falling, receiving a blow to the face or biting down on something hard, as explained by WebMD. This is particularly true if

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Temporomandibular Joint Disorder – TMD

Characterized by ongoing pain in the jaw, muscles of the face or near the ear, along with occasional popping or clicking of the jaw, Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD) affect millions of individuals throughout the United States. Often incorrectly referred to as TMJ or TMJ Syndrome, in which the jaw joint is referenced, TMD classifies problems

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Dental Erosion

It’s no secret that sweets and constant snacking is not good for teeth. Yet, sugar is not the only dietary substance to be concerned about. Mouth Healthy reports that foods and beverages high in acid pose a great risk to tooth enamel, as it wears away the protective coating of teeth in a process called

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Periodontal Gum Disease (Periodontitis)

Do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth? Have you been told that you have bad breath? Do you suffer from tooth sensitivity? These are just a few symptoms of Periodontal Gum Disease, otherwise known as Periodontitis. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research explains that periodontal disease is an infection of the

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Dental Tourism

Whether patients are seeking advanced dental care outside of their current healthcare system, or they are simply working dental treatments into a vacation, the idea surrounding dental tourism is that patients can save money on the quality dental care that they want and need. For this reason, many patients travel outside of the United States

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Tooth Enamel

If you look into a mirror and smile at yourself, you’ll notice the white outer layer of your teeth. This is your tooth enamel, and as the most visible part of your teeth, it is one of the hardest and most mineralized substances in the human body. It also plays a very important role, as

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Love it love it!
I never been a fan of the dentist until I got to this office !
The staff is super friendly !
The doctor is great
And Tania find everything possible option to make it as affordable as possible with multiple payments options !
Make your appointment as soon as you can and you would be smiling like me

Elizabeth A.

I’ve been going to Gramercy (formally personal dental) dental for over 6 years. awesome staff, nice facility and helpful payment options. always feel well cared for and confident in the service and care. highly recommend.

Akia S.

I’ve been coming here for years, the prices are very reasonable! Dr. Shin is amazing and treated me with a lot of care and comfort. You never have to wait to be seen. Making appointments are very easy to do over the phone, they’re very flexible! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Jeanette D.

Dr Dorn is an experienced, professional dentist who provides top notch care.
Hygienist, Elena K, is by far the BEST hygienist I have ever met. Her 22yr experience in the field speaks for itself! Simply amazing!

Marjorie J.

I love the work that Liz performance in my mouth she is very responsible as she explained what is going to happen if I don’t take care of my teeth. I Love the treatment that she gives me, thank you !

Gahudys R.

Amazing experience, walked in without an appointment with a chip in my front tooth, got scene right away! The service was amazing the ladies on the counter were very helpful and accommodating! My doctor was a lovely lady named dr. Sciortino! Very gentle and professional also very fast! Wonderful experience will be making this my go to dentist in the future!

Lorraine G.

I haven’t gone to the dentist in over 15 years and my experience at Grammercy Dental Center was amazing! I was terrified of the procedures being painful but the dental hygientist took the tame ti explain everything to me and made me feel comfortable with all dental procedures. I would recomend this dental center to all my coworkers and everyone I know!

D B.

Thank God for new management ! My Dental hegenist Elaina was the best !!! She cleaned my teeth with love. I feel like a new person. The center is clean and beautiful. The people that work here are friendly and professional. Been coming for years and I definitely recommend this Dental Center.

Nafii J.

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