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Special Needs Dentistry

Like everyone else, children and adults with special needs deserve the best in routine oral health treatments, as well as restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Yet, for those with special healthcare needs, it’s important to find a dentist that can provide the type of dentistry needed in a safe, rewarding environment. This is because patients with special needs usually require additional attention and support relating to their emotional, cognitive or sensory needs. Thus, successful treatment hinges on a dentist’s understanding of these needs and how to accommodate them.

As reported by Colgate, a special needs dentist is aware of and tailors his or her approach to a patient’s additional needs. This begins with scheduling their appointment. For instance, it is best to schedule an appointment during less busy times of the day, when the office is relatively quiet. A slower approach is also recommended, particularly for sensitive patients. If dental work is to be performed, it is often best to provide special needs patients with anesthesia in an operating room to ensure that they are relaxed and have a positive dental experience.

While specialized dental equipment and adherence to a patient’s specific needs provide patients and families with a comfortable dental environment, it’s equally important for special needs dentists to provide support in a patient’s everyday dental care. Depending on the specific needs of the patient, oral care at home can prove difficult and frustrating. Providing tips and tricks that factor in the specific oral health challenges faced by patients goes a long way. In turn, spending ample time encouraging and educating patients can make a huge difference in their motivation to perform good oral care between visits.

Comfortable, Patient-Centered Care For Those With Special Needs

At Gramercy Dental Center in New York, we proudly go the extra mile for special needs patients, with cutting-edge technologies and minimally invasive dental treatments that not only provide comfort—they minimize time spent in the dental chair. Whether patients have physical disabilities, dental phobia, severe gag reflex or sleep apnea, our team is equipped to meet their unique needs. For those that need help relaxing, our practice is qualified to provide the latest in sedation dentistry.

If you or a family member requires a special needs dental appointment, the compassionate team at Gramercy Dental Center welcomes your call today.

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