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Teeth Whitening: A Worthwhile Investment Into Your Overall Image

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Perhaps the most requested cosmetic dental service today, teeth whitening continues to be a quick, easy and effective way of transforming one’s smile. Yet, it has also become a worthy investment into one’s overall image. Think about it—over the course of one’s life, teeth are exposed to many factors that cause them to appear dull. While inconsistencies in dental care certainly play a role, genetics, certain medications, as well as foods and beverages also affect the appearances of teeth. What’s more is that trauma and injury can result in teeth becoming yellow and stained.

Benefits Beyond Aesthetics

While many individuals choose teeth whitening so that they can smile with confidence, they often realize that the benefits of professional teeth whitening extend beyond aesthetics. For instance, some note that obtaining a whiter smile has helped them approach obstacles and challenges with greater self-assurance, leading them to achieve a higher level of success in their careers.

Additionally, others take notice when a smile is bright and white. While a brilliant smile doesn’t necessarily mean that an individual is healthy on the inside, it elicits a psychological response from others. In short, those with healthier-looking smiles are believed to be in control and happy. This is probably because having a brighter smile changes one’s attitude and outlook on life. In other words, while individuals might have been holding back before, a new smile gives them the confidence to take chances, and this generates a sense of positivity that is attractive to everyone that they come into contact with.

Am I A Good Candidate For Professional Teeth Whitening?

In essence, almost anyone whose permanent teeth have come in can qualify for teeth whitening, as reported by Colgate. Even so, only your dentist can determine the right technique for you. For instance, teeth that are yellow typically respond better to bleaching, while brown or gray teeth may require a different approach since they do not always whiten evenly. On the other hand, some may need a restorative dental treatment prior to whitening for superior results.

At Gramercy Dental Center, you’ll find a dental team that’s ready to serve you with teeth whitening that is professional, affordable and sensitive-free. To schedule a consultation to discuss which method is best for you, call Gramercy Dental Center today.

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