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Temporomandibular Joint Disorder – TMD

Woman Holding Her Jaw in Pain New York, NY

Characterized by ongoing pain in the jaw, muscles of the face or near the ear, along with occasional popping or clicking of the jaw, Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD) affect millions of individuals throughout the United States. Often incorrectly referred to as TMJ or TMJ Syndrome, in which the jaw joint is referenced, TMD classifies problems with the jaw and muscles in the face that control it, as explained by WebMD. Moreover, the causes of TMD vary from person to person, and might be induced by a heavy blow to the jaw or head, as well as whiplash. Other potential causes are listed below:

  • Bruxism (grinding or clenching the teeth, which puts heavy pressure of the jaw joint)
  • Instability or movement of the soft disc between the ball and socket joint of the jaw
  • Arthritis
  • Stress (which can lead to bruxism)

Like the causes of TMD, its symptoms also vary among individuals. What’s more, some report only feeling pain and discomfort on one side of their face. Even so, more women tend to have difficulty with TMD, and the disorder is most prevalent in individuals between the ages of 20 and 40.

Common symptoms include pain and tenderness in the face, jaw joint area, as well as the neck and shoulders. Pain is often exacerbated when chewing food or speaking. In turn, opening one’s mouth might be painful, and the jaw can even lock in the open position. When this occurs, there might be a popping sound in the jaw joint. Otherwise, some report a feeling of tiredness in their face, along with headaches, toothaches, earaches, neck aches, dizziness and ringing in the ears.

Because the symptoms of TMD are closely similar to a number of other oral health conditions, it is not always easy to classify TMD. Yet, a close look at a patient’s health history and lifestyle can provide important clues. In some instances, however, dentists may opt to take x-rays of the face, as well as an MRI or CT scan.

When it comes to temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD), it’s important to understand that surgery is rarely necessary, and there are many treatments and remedies to help alleviate one’s pain.

Effective Jaw Pain Relief In NYC

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