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Dental Crowns

While your teeth are remarkably strong, they are still vulnerable to damage. A tooth can break during a traumatic injury, or it can weaken due to infection or decay. In such cases, a dental crown may be needed to save and restore your natural tooth. Fortunately, we provide top quality dental crowns as a general dental treatment for our patients at Gramercy Dental Center. When it comes to getting a crown, we realize the importance of providing a comfortable, efficient visit as well as natural, long-lasting results.

Restore Cracked or Damaged Teeth

When a tooth suffers a crack, chip or fracture, the outer enamel of your tooth is compromised. This is the protective layer that keeps bacteria and acid from invading the vital tooth center. While minor damage can be repaired with dental bonding or a filling, a large tooth fracture often warrants a dental crown.

A crown can be considered a “dental cap” for a weak or damaged tooth. It is made with strong materials that look and feel just like a natural tooth. Your crown will cover all visible surfaces of the affected tooth and be cemented into place for secure function. A crown is often used after root canal therapy to help the tooth regain full strength and protect it from future damage.

Dental Inlays and Onlays

There are times when your tooth damage may be too large for a dental filling but not severe enough to justify a dental crown. In such cases, a dental inlay or onlay may be recommended. These are restorations that are used on the back teeth, or molars. An inlay fits inside the cusp tips of the molar, while an onlay extends over the cusps of the treated tooth. In either case, it is an excellent, natural-looking solution for a cracked or damaged tooth.

If you see visible damage to your tooth or experience symptoms such as sensitivity or pain when biting down, please contact our Gramercy Park office. We pursue the latest and most proven treatments in modern dentistry, and we adhere to a comfortable, personalized approach. When it comes to repairing a fractured tooth, the sooner the better. Neglecting to treat a cracked tooth can lead to infection, larger breaks in the tooth and eventual tooth loss.

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