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Nightguard for Bruxism – Teeth Grinding

Do you wake up with morning headaches, sore teeth or jaw pain? These are signs that you may grind your teeth while you sleep. Not only can this habit disrupt your partner’s sleep, it can also wreak havoc on your oral health. The persistent pressure involved in bruxism (teeth grinding) can put unhealthy strain on your jaw muscles as well as wear down your teeth prematurely. Whether you do it every night or only during times of stress, your teeth grinding habit needs to be addressed. TMJ symptoms caused by bruxism can be quite disruptive to your daily activities.

Gramercy Dental Center proudly treats bruxism with general dentistry by protecting your teeth and jaw with a custom nightguard. Our dentists only invest in the most proven and preferred products available. Therefore, you can trust that your nightguard will fit comfortably while also protecting your oral health from the detriments of teeth grinding. It is a simple investment that can go a long way towards preserving your smile and improving your quality of life.

Protecting Your Sleep and Your Smile

Not all patients are aware of their nighttime teeth grinding habit. Therefore, it is important to schedule a dental visit if you notice persistent symptoms of jaw soreness, jaw stiffness or worn-down teeth. You may even find that your teeth have become sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. This is an indication that your tooth enamel has worn thin. In more severe cases, teeth grinding or clenching can lead to misalignment or shifting teeth. There are many reasons to seek professional treatment for bruxism, and you can trust Gramercy Dental Center to offer a customized and long-term solution.

Let us start protecting your smile from bruxism today by contacting our office. Getting a custom nightguard is a short and painless process. We are also happy to explain the benefits of choosing a dental nightguard from your dentist, versus one that you buy from a drug store.

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