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Tooth Pain Relief

Your teeth are designed to withstand remarkable amounts of pressure, but they should never be painful. If you are experiencing tooth pain of any kind, it is often a warning sign that the health of the tooth is at risk. We have a skilled team of dental professionals who can help relieve your tooth pain at Gramercy Dental Center. Not only do we care about your smile and comfort, but we are also committed to preserving or restoring the health of your teeth and gums. Tooth pain can be a symptom of decay, fracture or infection. Therefore, it is important that you schedule your appointment with us sooner rather than later. We will first evaluate your tooth and take digital x-rays to ensure we have an accurate picture of what is going on beneath the surface. From there, we can recommend a dental treatment option to effectively address the problem.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Just like tooth pain, jaw pain can make life miserable. It can be difficult to speak, eat and sleep if you have persistent or severe jaw discomfort. You may even find that you get tension headaches due to the irritation in your jaw joints. At Gramercy Dental Center, our dentists are specifically trained in jaw pain treatment. Through an oral examination, x-rays and discussion of your symptoms, we can determine if your jaw pain is caused by teeth grinding, misalignment, impacted wisdom teeth or other common culprits. Our office offers a variety of solutions to address your jaw pain on a short and long-term basis.

Whether it is a dull ache in your jaw or shooting pain in your tooth, we want to know about it and fix it here at Gramercy Dental Center. You’ll be met with friendly, compassionate care and advanced dental technology to streamline your visit. Considering our widespread expertise in the dental field, we are confident we can address all types of dental pain at any stage of life. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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  • I am nervous when it comes to the dentist but gramercy dental is so generous and caring.

    Krystal S.

  • Excellent keep up the good work , my adult children miss you guys

    Alexandria D.

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    Wirdis P.


    Yvonne L.

  • Had a cleaning today. Gabby was great. Gave great advice.

    Scott T.

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