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A Dentist that Accepts Workers’ Comp Payments

Getting hurt on the job is painful and inconvenient. When the injury is a mouth trauma, it can be debilitating. At a time like this, it is important to find a dentist familiar with the protocol required for filing a workers’ compensation claim. Gramercy Dental Center has dentists with that expertise.

Oral injuries while on the job are not very common, though when an injury is above the neck that type of trauma is often involved. Such injuries can occur from a variety of circumstances. Vehicle accidents can cause mouth trauma as well as equipment failure or malfunction. When you sustain injuries from a work-related incident, you are eligible for workers’ compensation.

Emergency dental care is vital when there is mouth trauma involved. Getting care as early as possible is preferred. Waiting to get your mouth examined could result in more extensive damage.

Additionally, it is important to have the workers’ compensation claim filed as soon as possible. The time guidelines must be adhered to in order to have the claim covered. Proper filing of the claim is vital. If your work-related injuries include mouth trauma or TMJ/TMD issues, we can help you file your worker’s comp claim.

Was Your Mouth Injured on the Job?

Any kind of trauma to the mouth or face can be frightening as well as painful. The unexpected mouth trauma of a work-related injury can be intensely alarming. You may have sustained an injury to a tooth or teeth, to the soft tissues of your mouth such as your lips, tongue or gums, or you may have had a blow to the jaw which can lead to problems with the temporomandibular joint.

Damage to a tooth or teeth could be in the form of a cracked or broken tooth. Treatment depends on the severity and whether or not the root of the tooth is involved. When a tooth can be salvaged but the root is compromised, root canal therapy may be required. In some cases, repairs may only require dental bonding. In others, the tooth may need a dental crown.

When a tooth or teeth have been knocked out, replacement is in order. If the patient is a good candidate for a dental implant, that may be the advised approach. Other options include a dental bridge or partial denture. The dentist will make a recommendation in accordance with what is allowed through the workers’ comp claim protocol. It is also important to understand that workers’ compensation only covers dental work that needs to be done on the areas injured due to an accident on the job.

Call Now – for help with a Mouth Trauma, Cracked Teeth, TMJ, and Dental Implants!

The dental team at Gramercy Dental Center is prepared to compassionately handle injuries resulting from work-related accidents. We also have the expertise to help file workers’ comp claims and we do it in accordance to time guidelines.

At Gramercy Dental Center, we understand how upsetting mouth trauma is, especially when it is work related. Our office staff provides comforting, compassionate care using our excellent skills to alleviate your pain and address your injuries, so you can quickly get on the road to recovery.

Whether you need sutures for soft tissue damage, repairs to broken or damaged teeth or replacement of teeth lost in the accident, we are here to provide the dental care you need. We also have expertise in TMJ/TMD to ensure recovery of trauma to the jaw.

Accessing a dentist who is familiar with workers’ compensation claims is important if you sustain mouth trauma while on the job. Gramercy Dental Center can take care of your workers’ comp claim and restore your oral health. If you have a work-related mouth injury, contact us for the care you need.

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